vrijdag 30 juli 2010

I pimped mah Ride!! XD


Yes! I got a new car. And I am so happy about it, you can't even imagine XD.
It is a dark green Opel Corsa Swing, 14 years old but in great condition.
When I saw it at the car shop for the first time, I already imagined it having pink flowers all over it. So I purchased a whole bunch of pink flower vinyl decal stickers and a pink Tinkerbell.
I picked my car up yesterday and today I pimped it.

Here are some pictures XD
Look!! It's Tink!!

The inside is pretty much the same as my old car.

donderdag 22 juli 2010

Tiny update

Photobucket '

The Fit's commercial we made at the Lolita meet is now online on youtube ^^ It is pretty cute. I kinda screwed up, but it was so much fun ^____^
Please take a look and enjoy

woensdag 21 juli 2010

About cars, dolls and dances


My car.
Unfortunatly, my cute little car died after all. I hoped that it was something that could be easily repaired, but the garage told me that it was better to buy a new one. It still drives, but it can't go faster then 40 km/H.

I am looking for a new car now, I already saw a few, and made a test drive in one, but that didn't go so well. Tomorow night I have a test drive in an Opel Corsa. It is quite a pretty car, dark green color, and looks very good. I am already planning to put hot pink flower shaped stickers all over it if I buy it.

Lolita Doll Meet
Last sunday I went to a doll/ Lolita meet. It was fun ^^ There were 10 Lolita girls, and 2 guys (they came with 2 of the girls) We met with a few at the Rotterdam central station, and walked to a small nearby park.
There we met the rest of the girls. We had a picknick. My sister made muffins which I decorated, but they didn't turn out very pretty. They tasted great though *-_^*
After the picknick 4 of us made a dance for a internet youtube contest. I particapated in the dance as well, it was so crazy, the dance was pretty embarrassing ^_^;; but we had so much fun while practising ^^
This was my outfit, it was pretty warm, so I didn't dress up to much. I am wearing a Angelic pretty skirt, SS socks, BL shoes, a H&M bolero and a t-shirt that I bought ages ago and I can't remember where XD. In this picture we where practising the dance.

These are the two dolls that I brought with me. The big boy is Nathaniël, an Elfdoll Red. And the tiny one is Mindy, she is a Fairyland Puki Pipi.

This picrture is also taken during the dance

And here I am just lying around in the grass

Around 4 o'clock we went to one girls house to sit in her garden for awhile. I was picked up there by my parents.
That night I eat some delicious Chinese food. I love Chinese, and this diner made me forget all about the Paris Chinese diner disaster.

Allright, time to go, I hope my next post will be about a new car ^^

zaterdag 17 juli 2010



Ack my car died today T__T I hope the garage can fix it, but I am afraid I might have to buy a new car.
I really need a car to get to work, I can use public transport, but it takes an hour to get to my job by bus, and only about 20 minutes by car. So I already know I have to take the bus monday and tuesday, and I hope that I can pick my car up on wednesday. Or that I can pick up a new car on friday.
It is to bad if I have to buy a new one, I really love this car.
Please help sending positive vibes to my baby XD
If it can't be fixed I will miss my friends birthday party T_T

Tomorow I attend a Lolita / doll meet. I have a few BJD'S. I take my SD boy, and maybe a Puki. I asked my sister to bake some muffins (I can't bake at all, and I didn't have the time for it, because of my job today) I decorated them myself. I will take a picture of them tomorow when they are dry.
So I am looking forward to it, even though I have to take the train over there -_-;;
We will also make a video with a dance for a youtube contest or something, so that will be a lot of fun ^_^

So that was enough ranting for now, I am going to bed and hope that I get some good news on monday


woensdag 7 juli 2010

Trip to Paris


Last week I visited paris for 5 days together with my friend Kim.
I am going to try to write a short report of those five days. Evereyday is a new entry.
Let's see, Day one June 30. This was the first day and we left from Rotterdam station at 11 oclock in the morning. We arrived in Paris around 2.30 in the afternoon. Which was an hour later then planned due to some delay.
We went to our hotel, and got settled in a bit. Then we went to the Baby the Stars Shine Bright shop. But first we stopped by the new Angelic Pretty shop. That shop wasn't very interresting and we left after a few minutes, hoping that it woud be more interresting on saturday, when the official opening was scheduled.
We shopped at the Baby shop for a while, it was SOOOO hot, I didn't feel like trying anything on because of the heat in that tiny shop. I did buy a few things though.
That is me in front of the Baby store, I am wearing a Baby Jsk but just as a sundress, it was to hot to dress up, so I wore this JSK with some light dusty pink Ballerina flats.
I bought this:

Back at the hotel we played a cardgame that we decided to Lolify a bit. The bet was candy and the cards were pink coffins with roses

We stayed at Hotel the Bordeaux, which is near the train station where the Thalys arrived. It was an old hotel, but it was okay, and the staff was very nice to.
Here are some pics from our Hotelroom
Sit area
The bed
Hurrrr we are messy :P
Door and balcony
So if you go to Paris, and you want a good but very cheap hotel, I would recommend this one.

Paris Day 2 July 1st


Second day of our trip. Today we did a cliché sightseeing tour. At first we went to see the Louvre. We saw the Mona Lisa, which is not all that impressive in real life :P But it was fun to see it once. We stayed there for a while, looking around, there was so much to see there.
Picture of the Louvre

A mirror shot of Kim and my self inside the Louvre

After the Louvre we had some lunch first, and after that we started looking for a touring boat called the BatoBus where you can buy a ticket and then you can hop on and hop off the boat as much as you want through the day. And it stops at all the hotspots at the Seine.
We couldn't find it at first and ended up walking all the way to Place de la Concorde, and finaly found the boat at the Grand Palais.
We got off the boat when we got to the Notre Dame. It is such a beautifull church, it was quite impressive to see it in real life. We went inside to, it was so beautifull in there. Offcourse we could't take any pictures inside, but I took a lot of the outside ^^
One of the many pictures I took of the Notre Dame

After the Notre Dame we went back on the boat, and got off at the Eiffel Tower. I didn't really like that building, it was so dark and boring, and it just seemed sad. But they sold some delicious Lemon icecream there.
We sat under the Eiffel Tower for a while, there was a lot of shade and it was o warm again, that we could use some shade and some rest because we had been walking for hours already.
Picture of the Eiffel Tower

After the Eiffel tower, we took the boat to ST-Germains des Prés, and after looking around there for a bit, we decided to take the Metro back to our hotel
This is a funny little painting I spotted on a wall in somewhere in ST-Germains des Prés.

We had a nice little MC Donalds diner and a lovely KitKat MCFlurry. After that we went to the hotel, and played some card games again.

Paris Day 3 July 2nd


Today we went to Versailles. I have wanted to visit that place for years now, and it was great. It was also very very warm most of the day. But we had some rain and thunder at the end of the day (they were very welcome at that point)
We too the train to Versailles, and when we got there we stood in line for the tickets forquite some time. But it turned out we could go inside for free and didn't need to wait at all -_-;; Well good thing that we didn't have to pay though.
The outside of the palace was very impressive, so much gold and such a beautifull building.
That is what we saw when we approached the building. Beautifull, don't you think?
We visited all the chambers, there was so much to see. And every room was so gorgeous, the paintings, the decorations, the ceilings... well just visit it sometime, you"ll see what I mean *-_^*
This is part of a bedroom in Versailles
This is the back of the palace

After a nice lunch we visited the gardens. Unfortunatly, all the fountains were turned off, so we couldn't see the water spectacles that they advertised everywhere :(. But the gardens were still beautifull even without te fountains.
In the gardens next to a statue. I really wanted to wear Lolita that day, but, yeah it was simply to hot again, so I wore an AP skirt and an Baby tank top as a regular summer outfit.

We got some troubles on the way back. It appeared that for some reason there were no trains going back to Paris from the station near Versailles Chateau. And we had to walk to the next train station, which was about a 20 minutes walk(luckily we were not the only ones that had to go there, so we could follow the crowd) but, it started raining very hard, and there was a lot of wind and some thunder.
But we made it back to our hotel, and it cooled down a lot outside, which was very nice.
Also, the Dutch Soccer team won the match that afternoon, so Yaaay Holland!!!

Some goodies I bought in Versailles

That night we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for diner. I love that place. Kim and I both bought a little stuffed Bear. She got one with a hotpink mohawk and I got one with a Lavender blue mohawk to match my car.
Adorable, aren't they ^__^

We had a great diner and some lovely cocktails, and we could keep the cocktail glasses.
After that we went back to the hotel where we spend some time outside on our tiny balcony.

Paris Day 4 July 3th


This day started with some heavy rain and a thunderstorm.
We planned to go shopping on this day. At first we had to buy some umbrella's.

Afer that we went to the Angelic Pretty shop to see if it was better this time. Unfortunatly, it didn't seem any better then last time we visited. The outside of the shop was a horrible red/brown color. They painted a ribbon and Angelic Pretty on the windows, and there was a beautifull dress displayed in the shop window. But inside the shop, there were only a few more dresses, and a whole lot of, well other clothes. I don't really know what style, but certainly not Lolita. So that was very dissapointing.

But then we went to the Baby shop again. During our last visit we heard that they would get some new stock in on friday, and Kim still needed a pair of socks. It was very crowded inside the shop and we had to wait outside for some time. When we were able to go insiode, I bought a beautifulle new skirt and a pair of socks. When I went to pay for my items, the nice man said I could choose between a normal pink Baby bag, or a black AATP bag. I choose the AATP bag, because I already have a few pink ones.
That is the skirt I bought. I love it!!

After that we went shopping at some other stores. I bought a cute black jacket at the H&M. It is perfect for my job. I also bough a top with a Chesire Cat print on it and a necklace.

Then we had diner at a Chinese restaurant. Chinese is just about my favourite food, I always love Chinese restaurants, but this one was disgusting. Not one of the dishes tasted good, Kim even got a bit sick from it. The only thing that tasted nice were the cucumber slices, but no body can mess up cucumber slices -_-;;.

After that little disaster, we went on a Paris by Night tour. That was beautifull. We went on a bus, and sat on the open top deck. It was a little chilly, but it was okay.
We visited all the hotspots again. And tis time the Eiffel tower was pretty to. it had so many lights, and when the bus stopped in front of it, a lot of lights started flickering, like stars. That was beautifull, but without it, the Eiffel tower is still a boring old piece of metal -_^

A weird looking picture I took from the bus. I have no idea what happened, but it looks funny XD

Also when we were waiting for the tour to start, we spotted this awesome pink limousine
One day, it will be my car XD

Paris day 5 July 4th

Last day in Paris :'( It all went by so fast.
We still had a big part of the day to spend in Paris.
First we went to see the Moulin Rouge, Kim really wanted to see that. It was nice to see it sometime in real life. The mill o top of the building is so cute ^^

After that we went to Jardin des Plantes. We walked through the gardens for awhile and visited the tropical green houses.
After that we went to the zoo XD.
After the zoo we visited the skelleton and fossils museum. That was.. interresting. But some things were very scary, like a little kitten in a jar with all his organs pulled out. Yeah that was gross.

But after that, we went back to the hotal, picked up our luggage and went back to the station.
We got back on Rotterdam without any problems.
And that was the end of out trip to Paris. Hehe sorry if I caused a flood on a nyones reader list -_^