maandag 28 februari 2011

Ready for summer now ^^


Hello, And welcome to my new readers!!

 I FINALLY bought myself a bikini. I have been looking at a certain bikini for a few years now, but I just found it to expensive. It was a sweet print bikini by Metamorphose that was sold in Mfashion shop (Lolita shop in my country). So I kept looking for something similar to that bikini, but I never found anything. When I visited the Mfashion website about two weeks ago, I saw that the bikini was on sale with 60% off, so I decided that if it was my size, I would buy it. It turned out that it was my size, and Mfashion is selling some clothing that I made, and the shop owner told me she just sold a dress, and she could keep the money for the dress and give me a huge discount. To me, that was great, I paid almost nothing for the bikini, and it doesn't really matter to me if I get the money for the sold dress or not. ( my sewing is just a hobby, I don't make a living out of it at all) So this summer I can finally go swimming ^__^ Photobucket


I also bought this beautiful fabric on Etsy. I want to use it to sew something for myself. I never sew anything for myself, but I love this fabric so much, that I don't want to make something out of it and then sell it. I wont have time to do anything with it for now, but when I am not so busy anymore, I will start on it. Off course I will post the results here ^^


The seller was very friendly, she even included a small personal handwritten note in the package. That is something I always really appreciate.
Here is a link to the Etsy seller, please check her out, she has some really nice things to sell:


The big commission for a band called Tornado I have been working on is finally finished. I will post pictures of the outfits later. They are going to Finland now for photo shoots, and they will send me some of the pictures. I can't wait to see them ^^

That's it for now, time to go to work.

maandag 14 februari 2011

Valentines day



Good morning Ladies and Gentleman,

As you all know, it is Valentine's day today. I didn't really plan to even think about it at all. Even though I have a wonderful Boyfriend now, I never really cared about Valentine's day, and thought I still didn't care. But, yesterday, before I left from His place, He told me to look at something, and I heard the door of my car slam close. I was wondering what He did inside my car, but He didn't tell and said I would find out soon.
When I got home, I looked for something in my bag, and, wow, I found my very first Valentine's card ever!!I never though I could be sooo very happy about a piece of thick paper. It is a very cute card to, see:

He wrote a very sweet message on it to ^___^ . It's simply the best card I ever received ^^ .

This is the first time I am celebrating Valentine's day, the card is hanging on my wall right in front of me, and I can't stop looking at it. Now I just hope He will like the little E-card I have send Him ass well ^^.

Have great Valentine's day everyone!!!!


maandag 7 februari 2011

Just a quick note


Hello Guys!!

I have been totally neglecting my blog lately. I am preparing to make a pretty huge post about my trip with my Boyfriend to Spain. I went there for a week at the end of January.
If you would like to, you can check out His Flickr account to see some of the beautiful pictures he took during our trip. There are also a few pictures of me on there ^^. You can find his account here Otkuda
Here is one picture He took of me when we visited the Alhambra. (I will post some more in my report about the trip in my next post)


I have also been very busy with sewing again. I am working on a pretty big project for a band. It's a pretty new band called Tornado, and they commissioned two stage outfits from me. Not Lolita, not at all even hihi, The outfits are kind of 80's glamrock band inspired. It is quit a challenge to sew this, the fabrics are very difficult to work with, but they are coming along nicely.

Hmm that was a short update, but since it is late at night, I will leave it at this.

Have a great week everyone!!