maandag 28 maart 2011



Hello all ^^

Today was a very fun day. It was my birthday, I am 24 now. I felt old, until the lady at the jewelers shop treated me like I was 17 (she was very nice though).
Today I decided to wear my 50's style cherry dress, it is a summer dress, but it was warm enough with a bolero.



I got some very nice gifts from my Boyfriend and family
I went to Gent in Belgium with Him this weekend, and he kept giving me presents ^^, that was so very sweeeet ^___^ 
He gave me loooooots of chocolates, which are almost all gone by now XD
And also these two books:
A comic book, very good book, beautiful art. And a travel guide to Japan, because we are planning to go there in 2013. I know that is a long time, but there are sooo many things we want to do.
He also gave me this adorable card. I cut the message of, because that is private -__^

My parents gave me this beautiful Pandora charm bracelet 

My sister gave me this cute and funny cake set

And my brother and my sister boyfriend gave me new tires for my bike, I haven't used it in ages, but with the upcoming summer I wanted to use it again. But it needed new tires. 

In the afternoon my grandparents came to visit me ^^, it was nice to see them again, I don't see them often.

It was a great day today, even the weather was awesome ^___^


maandag 21 maart 2011

First day of Spring!!!! And 1 year blog anniversary ^^



I have updated my new website with a lot of new items! Please have a look


Today is officially the first day of spring in my country. The weather outside is lovely, the sun is shining, it is still a little bit cold though, but I am sure it will get warmer soon.
I hope everybody is enjoying the sunshine today!


I wish I could go outside, to the park or something, but I have to work :-(. Ow well, I did go to the beach yesterday, so I shouldn't complain.


Also, last Saturday was the 1st anniversary of this blog, yaaay, one year has past already, it went by so fast 0.0 
I am so happy that all of you started following my blog. Thank you all ^^
I hope I can do another year of blogging.

Next week is my birthday, I am gonna be 24 already. I know I shouldn't say this, but I feel kinda old XD. 
Aw well, Party time!!!!



New stuff!

I bought myself some new things.
For the summer, this cute 50's style dress

I bought it at
That site has a pretty big collection of 50's style clothing, not second hand, all new, also shoes and accessories, all for very decent prices. If you are interested in this style, you should take a look at their webshop. They did win the Dutch home shopping awards a few weeks ago to.
The dress has a wonderful fit, but it is a tad to long, so I have to make the skirt a bit shorter. But besides that, it's perfect.

I also purchased this cute weekend-bag:
Cute right ^^, It was on sale at the drug store.
I will use it when I go on short trips. 

Last week I finished a vest for my Boyfriend. It was quite a project. The pockets for example are rather difficult to make, but I am very satisfied with the results

The fit was very nice for Him. And He looks very good in it hihi * --_^* 

So that is it all for now, time for work.


dinsdag 8 maart 2011

So cute!!!!


Hello again ^^

I just found the most adorable Tumblr blog ever!
Look at it, so cute
Isn't that just waaaay to cute ^__^


I am still working on my new site, later today I should have some more stuff up. Since I have some extra time tonight I am planning on uploading as much as I can.

I am also working on a new commission. 4 jaquets for a Salsa dance club. It is not a very difficult thing to do, but it will take some time. I hope to finish that at the beginning of April. Then I have a few more commissions, and after that, I will open up my service again, or finally sew something for myself XD.


I am looking forward to the summer so much, I can't wait for a little warmer weather. Even though we had some very nice weather for the past few days  but it is still very cold outside.
I want to buy summer clothes, I already did buy an adorable 50's style dress. I am waiting for the package to arrive. They shipped it today, so it should come in tomorrow. Which means I will not be able to see it until Sunday because I will stay at my Boyfriends place for the rest of the week. (Offcourse I don't mind that teehee, the dress can wait XD )


maandag 7 maart 2011

New site


Hello there ^^

Just a quick note.
I am working on a new website to sell items and for my commission service.
Because I did not have enough time to keep up my original website, I changed it into a blog here at blogspot.
The address is still the same though.
Please have a look, I am uploading everything now, but that might take some time to do, right now I only have two skirts, one portfolio item and the order information up.
I hope to have everything up and running before April.
I hope to see you all at my new website ^^

Bye for now,
<3 Karin