maandag 28 maart 2011



Hello all ^^

Today was a very fun day. It was my birthday, I am 24 now. I felt old, until the lady at the jewelers shop treated me like I was 17 (she was very nice though).
Today I decided to wear my 50's style cherry dress, it is a summer dress, but it was warm enough with a bolero.



I got some very nice gifts from my Boyfriend and family
I went to Gent in Belgium with Him this weekend, and he kept giving me presents ^^, that was so very sweeeet ^___^ 
He gave me loooooots of chocolates, which are almost all gone by now XD
And also these two books:
A comic book, very good book, beautiful art. And a travel guide to Japan, because we are planning to go there in 2013. I know that is a long time, but there are sooo many things we want to do.
He also gave me this adorable card. I cut the message of, because that is private -__^

My parents gave me this beautiful Pandora charm bracelet 

My sister gave me this cute and funny cake set

And my brother and my sister boyfriend gave me new tires for my bike, I haven't used it in ages, but with the upcoming summer I wanted to use it again. But it needed new tires. 

In the afternoon my grandparents came to visit me ^^, it was nice to see them again, I don't see them often.

It was a great day today, even the weather was awesome ^___^


2 Sweets:

Winsome zei

The comic and cake set are to die for!

Happy Birthday!!!

Petit Angel zei

Thank you ^__^