maandag 21 maart 2011

First day of Spring!!!! And 1 year blog anniversary ^^



I have updated my new website with a lot of new items! Please have a look


Today is officially the first day of spring in my country. The weather outside is lovely, the sun is shining, it is still a little bit cold though, but I am sure it will get warmer soon.
I hope everybody is enjoying the sunshine today!


I wish I could go outside, to the park or something, but I have to work :-(. Ow well, I did go to the beach yesterday, so I shouldn't complain.


Also, last Saturday was the 1st anniversary of this blog, yaaay, one year has past already, it went by so fast 0.0 
I am so happy that all of you started following my blog. Thank you all ^^
I hope I can do another year of blogging.

Next week is my birthday, I am gonna be 24 already. I know I shouldn't say this, but I feel kinda old XD. 
Aw well, Party time!!!!



New stuff!

I bought myself some new things.
For the summer, this cute 50's style dress

I bought it at
That site has a pretty big collection of 50's style clothing, not second hand, all new, also shoes and accessories, all for very decent prices. If you are interested in this style, you should take a look at their webshop. They did win the Dutch home shopping awards a few weeks ago to.
The dress has a wonderful fit, but it is a tad to long, so I have to make the skirt a bit shorter. But besides that, it's perfect.

I also purchased this cute weekend-bag:
Cute right ^^, It was on sale at the drug store.
I will use it when I go on short trips. 

Last week I finished a vest for my Boyfriend. It was quite a project. The pockets for example are rather difficult to make, but I am very satisfied with the results

The fit was very nice for Him. And He looks very good in it hihi * --_^* 

So that is it all for now, time for work.


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