maandag 13 september 2010

Small event in Amsterdam


Today I went to Amsterdam with some friends. My best friend had a booth at this event, and the rest of us were there to help her out. The event kind of sucked, the music was really bad, and the organisation was pathetic. But we had a lot of fun with each other.
Here are some pics of what I was wearing that day. A few more will be added later, but they are on my friends camera.

A early morning mirror shot
I am wearing a Alice and the Pirates dress and socks, a BodyLine blouse, shoes and the rose in my hair is also from BL, but I added the pearls to it, because it was boring on its own.
I am also wearing a halfwig that I bought on Ebay.

At the event behind the stand table. Wow it's such a mess -_-;; , I didn't even notice that XD

Together with Pim, he is funny XD

My friend was selling some weird looking fake plastic whips 0.o, I picked one up, and my other friend told me to pose with it for fun and took some pics of me XD
And offcourse, there is icecream, yaay I had some chocolate/Vanilla icecream. I love that stuff, Icecream is one of the best things ever invented XD

It was such a fun day today ^^ and I was sooo happy that I could wear full Lolita again, I had not been able to wear it for a few weeks, because of work, and because I didn't go to any events.
From now on, I will have to sew a lot, at the end of October, during the Halloween weekend, I have a booth at a Gothic and Fantasy event, and I hope I can sell some handmade Loli stuff there.

Well, thats about it for now ^^