vrijdag 26 maart 2010

New dress and nails

I had my nails done last wednesday, because I celebrate my birthday this weekend (ack turning 23 already -_-) I decided to take some extra sparkles.
The tips are white with lots of silver sparkles, and every nail has two rhine stones and a diamond coloured chip.
This is the result:

I wore one of my new dresses to work yesterday, I was a litle nervous about it, because at my home, only my mother liked the dress, my dad, brother and sister didn't like it at all, my brother even called it a curtain T__T
But at my work all my coworkers loved it, and even some of the costumers complimented my dress.
aniway, here are some pics
Me wearing it

on hanger

mugshot XD

maandag 22 maart 2010

Weekend is over :(

It's monday again.

Sunday was a really nice spring day with lots of sunshine. I went to The Hague with my mom to a fabric market, after we browsed the market for a bit, we went shopping in the Hague.

This is what I wore today

And my face again, I really love my pink camera

On friday I went shopping in my own town, and I bought two dresses, skinny jeans and a tregging.
This is one of the dressses that I wore to work on saturday, it is very warm and comfy

zaterdag 20 maart 2010

Agh I am tired

Just finished a very busy day at work, I work in a shop and there were so many costumors -_-

So now I am tired but I can't go to bed yet, because I have a birthday party tonight from a friend.


vrijdag 19 maart 2010

Fun times with Linda at the Alice in Wonderland premierre

On the 5 th of March, I went to a Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Premierre party.
Before the show there was a tea party, and I found out only the night before that everybody had to come dressed up as a character. Imagine how stressfull that was, I had no outfit and no time to sew anything.
So I simply threw together some items from my wardrobe and called it Mad hatter goes Lolita.
Here are the pictures:
Me (on the right) and my friend Linda who dressed up as the White Queen

Here I am with Linda's friend Charlotte, both wearing geeky 3D glasses XD

Sitting together with Linda again ^____^

My face XD, I like my hat, it only took me 15 minutes to decorate it -_-;

This dude rocked the whole show, he was so awesome, and needless to say, he won the dress up competion *^___^*