maandag 26 november 2012

Holiday in Italy and random banter


Hello there, Wow, such a long time that I was on here. Let's see, so much have happened. Hmm, I changed jobs, right now I am an assistent manager at a jewelry shop. And I love it there, better then my old job, which was boring and days dragged on forever. On thisjob, time flies and I often wish i had more hours in my working day.

 Sooo what did I do when I wasn't on my laptop, 
well one thing was climbing on rocks in Italy. That was a great holiday, one week in Italy together with my Boyfriend ^^. We flew to Milan, and from there took a train to the small town where were staying for the week. We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Mandello del Lario at lake Como. Very nice town, bit dull, because it is on the unpopular side of the lake. No idea why, because the surroundings are just as lovely as on the "popular" side. The weather was great, sunshine all week and very warm. 
 We took some pictures there, So the rest of this story will be in pictures ^^

This is the port to Mandello, we had to travel a lot by boat to get to other places around the lake.

And that was our transport, not very trustworthy, because we were never sure when the boat went, the schedule at the port was very weird.

Every day we had to climb/ walk down and up a hill path to the town and back up to the B&B. It was a very beautiful path, but after doing that for about 6 days, you get tired from it XD

Piece of art down town in Mandello ^^

On the last day in Mandello we went into the mountains, we were supposed to walk up to a church, but we took a wrong path and had to climb rocks and jump over rivers instead of walking up an easy path. It was a lot of fun though. The weather was very hot, and all I had left were a pair of black jeans and a white flowery dress I once made myself, and was supposed to be a Lolita dress. And here I wear it with my hiking boots XD

See, hiking boots XD
It was pretty high up there
Ow and see that stick? I had it for a few days already, it made walking easier, I loved that stick, I had to leave it at the station on the last day there though :(

maandag 9 juli 2012

 Hello there ^^ 

 Just a small update. My friend asked me to alter her Baby the stars shine bright OP dress. The sugar Rose OP
(Stock picture from So after a fitting session we decided to turn this baby in a skirt. And since the the bodice of the dress was so adorable, I told her I would make a bag out of it ^^ .

Soooo, I shocked her with this picture: Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App
Scary huh? Hihi, but the result is realy very cute ^^ 
  Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App 
This is the skirt. Now this dress was a empire waist dress. And it came with a seperate waistband, with buttons and corset lacing in the back. So I asked my friend to give this waistband to me as well. That made it very simple to make the skirt, I just regathered the fabric, and sew it to the waistband. 

 And here is the bag: Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App 
 The bag took me a lot longer then the skirt. But I like how it turned out ^^
 I can't wait to hand these items to my friend and see her wearing it ^___^ . If she doesn't mind, I will post a picture of her on here later ^^

 Untill then, byebye again!

maandag 2 april 2012

25 in Rome and some Italian Tatting


Hello there ^^

Its been a while again, I have been quite busy ^^. Last week I turned 25, I celebrated this with my Boyfriend in Rome ^^.
Rome is a beautiful city. But I found it extremely chaotic and busy. The older neighborhoods, with the small alleys and old buildings were all really  nice. We enjoyed the Travestere area a lot. But we didn't like the area near the Spanish steps, where all the high end fashion brands are located at all. It was very busy, with very small sidewalks and cars racing very close to the sidewalks. There was so much noise from the cars and the fumes were making me literary sick. I had toget out of there fast, because I did feel faint. So we went to a huge park called Villa Borghese. That was beautiful, nice and peacefull. We stayed there all afternoon. We even fell asleep in the grass ^^ 
My birthday was on Wednesday. That day we went to the Foro Romano and the Coloseum. It was a great birthday. My Bf gave me some very nice presents ^^. One of them was a butterfly charm for my Pandora bracelet, and a hand drawn birthday card ^^

I will post some pictures from Rome in a later post, I did not yet have the time to go through them. There are a lot XD


We found a small shop where they were selling wool and underwear XD, I still have no idea what kind of shop it was supposed to be, but anyway, we went in there because I wanted to look for some nice crochet cotton. Instead I found some tatting magazines ^^ 
I picked out two of them:

The patterns are very nice, and not even that hard to understand. I don't speak one word Italian, but with the help of google translate it is very easy to understand ^^
I started on a doily pattern, something easy just to see if it would work out with translating.

This is the result for now, far from finished. But I like it ^^


Alright, that was it for now.

Byebye ^^

maandag 23 januari 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!


Like the title says, Happy Chinese New Year! Why? Well I didn't have the time to update my blog earlier and wish everyone a very happy 2012! And today is Chinese new year ^__^


Yesterday I finally did some sewing again. I am just a bit out of inspiration lately. I really have to push myself to sew something. It took me very long yesterday to decide what to sew. First i wanted to make a dress, then a petticoat, but i didn't have the right fabric. So in the end I settled for an apron, because I still did want to make one.
So here it is ^^

I really like the strawberry embroidery patterns. I got them from an online seller. Its a very nice set called vintage strawberries ^^

And this is where the magic happens XD
My sewing spot ^___^


We got a hamster ^___^
He is an Russian hamster, they are tiny ^^ He is a little demon with his red eyes *__*
His name is Chewy / Chewbaka
Its soooo hard to take a picture of him because he is very fast. This one was taken with my cellphone. It was a very lucky shot, the best one I got so far -__-;


And that was it, I don't know what else to write XD

Just one more thing, I found on Facebook
Its awesome, don't you think ^___^
With Love