maandag 12 september 2011



Hello All!

Did anyone here ever heard of tatting? I never heard of it until a few months ago. 
I am looking for techniques to make lace, I already know crochet, and in searching for other techniques, I came across tatting. It's so beautiful, I like it a lot more then crochet. Just take a look.

So, I started collecting some materials and books to start. I found a nice book with very clear instructions on how to start tatting. 
So I am practicing on it now. I do it everywhere, even on the train to work and during my lunch break ^__^

For tatting you need a tatting shuttle. Most of these shuttles that you can buy in a craft supply store are kind of ugly and boring. I started looking for a really cute one. On Etsy I came across a seller that sold very beautiful painted shuttles.
She has a collection with different designs, all are equally cute. I bought a pink one with roses.
I love it so much, It is very easy to work with to. I  have a few other shuttles, but they are a lot bigger, and this one is small and smooth, I keep choosing this one to work with XD.

^__^ In my "learn how to tat" book there is a practicing pattern of a little butterfly. I like the pattern so much that I keep making butterflies. I made a lot already. Here I am working on a chain of butterflies ^__^

A few days ago, I visited Amsterdam, and found a craft shop there. Inside I found some shuttles, and I was really surprised because I couldn't find them in any other craft shop. So I got very enthusiastic about them, and the shop lady told me she had some books on tatting as well. She showed them to me, and I picked two of them. I am so going to visit this shop again to buy some more books.
But for now, I only have these two ^^

Hmm well that's about it for now. 
I think I will continue on my butterfly chain now ^^

Just one more picture though
My tiny tiny threat collection. I need some more, but for now, this will do ^^

<3 Byebye