woensdag 22 december 2010

Commission and some other stuff


This month I made a commission for someone. It was a skirt I made before. My costumer saw it at my booth during the last Gothic convention. I did not have it in her size, so I remade it for her.
I was so glad that I had some of this fabric left. I couldn't buy it from my suppliers anymore.


I got myself a new cellphone cover. I am way to busy *lazy* to Deco my cellphone myself, so I bought a sticker from this cute Etsy seller. Link:

Mimi Lolo on Etsy.

Cute right? ^^

Aaah I have absolutly no idea what to wear for Christmas, I couldn't find anything cute while shopping. I suppose I just have to figure something out with the clothes that I have -_-;;

Have a Very Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!
(Such a pretty picture ^^ )

vrijdag 17 december 2010

Some picture spam and a cute little present I found under the Christmas tree


Hello All,

Here are the pictures from last friday's radioshow outfit.

Full outfit:
BTSSB: Sleeping alice JSk, White cutsew
SS: Socks
BL: Shoes
Hair and hairaccesoires: Local stores


Two portraits. Here you can see my hairpieces.


Look at what I found under the Christmas tree this afternoon. Isn't he the cutest present ever? ^^

woensdag 15 december 2010

Radioshow on Lolita

Hello there,

Last friday I participated in a radioshow about Lolita. It was just a short 10 minute interview on Radio 3FM. The DJ was Giel Beelen. He was very nice, and asked pretty good questions, but also very "direct" questions. Aniway, it was a lot of fun to do, I also enjoyed dressing up for the show. My Boyfriend took some pictures ( a lot actually ^^) I will put them on here later. He also came with me to the studio, and the DJ asked Him some questions to.
The show was late at night, and it was broadcasted on a tv-station.
They uploaded the tv broadcast to the internet
Here is the link ^^

Get Microsoft Silverlight
Of bekijk de flash versie.

Skip to 9:44, there is a band before I come in. Please enjoy, I know it's in Dutch, so for my international readers it might be hard to understand. Sorry about that.


maandag 6 december 2010

International Loli Day


Did everyone had a great International Loli Day last saturday? I know I had!
Even though it was a litle bit different then I had planned. I had to work during the day, so my outfit had to be work-apropriate. I wore a completly black co├Ârdinate, quite simple, but I still like it.


This picture was taken in the basement at my job. I forgot to take a picture at home, so I kind of sneaked downstairs to take this pic XD.
Outfit rundown:
JSK: Metamorphose
Sweater: C&A
Belt: Topvintage shop online
Boots: Gabor

At night I would go to a party with my Boyfriend, but the weather had been very bad the whole day, there was so much snow and it was very slippery outside. We decided not to go out, because it was to dangerous to drive.
So I stayed at His place. And He gave me a realy cute present: adorable white fluffy slippers/ boots (No idea how to call them in English -_-;; )

Aren't they just adorable ^____^

Later that night we went outside to built a huge snow man, that was fun, and cold XD.

So my Loli day was great! Even though I didn't realy dress up or anything.
But this friday I will be able to dress up. I have been invited to come to aan radioshow and tell something about Lolita and about the clothes that I make. The show is late at night, between 1 and 2 o'clock. There will also be a live broadcast on tv, and it will be online later. The radion station is called 3FM. It is a pretty well known radiostation I think ^^

Byebye for now

vrijdag 3 december 2010

Mary Poppins and some shopping


Hello there,

To start this post, I want to say HI! to my newest readers. I hope you will enjoy my blog, I will try to update as much as I can ^^.

Now on to the actual post: Last wednesday I went to see the Mary Poppins musical together with my best friend. It is such an awesome musical, I had a great time. The costumes are great, also great songs. I have always liked the story of Mary Poppins, so I was very excited when I heard about a musical production of it.
I met with my friend in Scheveningen and we went to get some diner first. Then we went to the theater. We had the best places, on the very first row in the middle.
This picture kind of indicates how close we were to the stage:

We took one picture together, we tried to take one in the restroom mirror, but it didn't work out very well -_-;; , so a nice lady offered to take our picture. This is the result, and yes, I do look kind of stoned XD But I still do like the picture ^^

Aaaaand here is one that I took when I got home. Here you can see what I was wearing. I couldn't wear something very spectacular, because I had to work first and didn't have time to change.
Outfit rundown:
Blouse: H&M
Skirt: Handmade by me
Shoes: Van Haren


Today I did some shopping. It was so much fun, walking through the snow.
I bought a new dress / top, I needed something new for a diner party I have to go to next week. My boss organised it, it will be an theater diner, and I go there with all my co-workers, It will be fun ^^
This is the dress / top:
It's so cute ^^, It is from Jane Norman. I realy like that label, their clothes are cute and fun, but not "difficult" to wear. They had lots of very cute dresses and skirts in the shop today.

Well that's about it. I am going to prepare now for tomorow, International Lolita Day!!!!!.
I can't do much with it, but I will wear a very Classic Loli-inspired outfit to my work tomorow, and at night I go to a party, and I will wear a Sweet Lolita outfit. To all Lolita's out there, Have fun tomorow with what ever you are going to do!!

Byebye and good night ^^