woensdag 15 december 2010

Radioshow on Lolita

Hello there,

Last friday I participated in a radioshow about Lolita. It was just a short 10 minute interview on Radio 3FM. The DJ was Giel Beelen. He was very nice, and asked pretty good questions, but also very "direct" questions. Aniway, it was a lot of fun to do, I also enjoyed dressing up for the show. My Boyfriend took some pictures ( a lot actually ^^) I will put them on here later. He also came with me to the studio, and the DJ asked Him some questions to.
The show was late at night, and it was broadcasted on a tv-station.
They uploaded the tv broadcast to the internet
Here is the link ^^

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Of bekijk de flash versie.

Skip to 9:44, there is a band before I come in. Please enjoy, I know it's in Dutch, so for my international readers it might be hard to understand. Sorry about that.


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Niesje7002 zei

Wat leuk zeg!

Kami No Pocky zei

Your boyfriend is really cute. I think he would look lovely in a dress with petticoat, and a mini top hat.

You should also try to go to Japan some time. European flights can be as cheap as five hundred euros return-trip on off-season.