vrijdag 14 januari 2011

(very late) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


Hello All!

Happy new Year to all my readers ^^, I hope all of you had some great time during the holidays, I know I had ~_^ . I have spend my Christmas with my Boyfriend and mine and His family.
I wore a rather old school black X white Lolita outfit on the 1st day of Christmas.

I am wearing one of my favorite dresses, it's a old one from Metamorphose but I have no idea what the name is. It is this dress
I am also wearing a Bodyline blouse and shoes, Some Baby the Stars Shine Bright socks and the belt is from H&M. I had to wear the belt with this outfit, because the waist is to big for me, and I lost the waist ties.


I also had a really fun New years Eve. I went to my Boyfriends place again, and we spend the night at a friends place.
In the afternoon we had to get some things from the supermarket, in there I spotted a Lolita. She was soooo cute. I saw her walking by, and I looked at her for a bit, when she was out of sight, I pulled my Boyfriends sleeve and said "Loooook there is another Lolita!!!!"
So he dragged me through the store in search for her, we found her, and I asked her if she was going for the Lolita look. She said she was, and I think she was a little nervous.
I really loved her skirt, and asked her where she got it. She was really nice and told me that she found it at a vintage shop.
Wow, I mean, a Dutch vintage shop, I can never find anything even remotely cute at a Dutch vintage shop. And this cute girl, found one of the prettiest skirts ever!!
I had to go after that, I still wonder who the girl was, I never saw her before at a meeting or something.
Well anyway, the night was fun, and we saw some very pretty fireworks. Because of my encounter with the other Loli-girl, I felt very happy the whole night for some reason. ^__^

Well, here is just one shot of my outfit, (I am sorry about all my mirror shots, I always forget to take pictures when I am somewhere)

Here I am wearing a BTSSB / Nina Kitade Charmmy Kitty skirt, just a random shirt and legging and some boots that I purchased from another Dutch Loli, but I have no idea what brand they are ^_^;;


I was just looking through my Photobucket albums, and found snaps from this very cute dress up game, I just can't remember what it was called and where to play it. It is a very Lolita / Himegyaru like dress-up game.
Here just a few of the snaps:

Cute aren't they ^^, I hope I can find this game again, it's so much fun.
Ow well.
One more week, then I am off to Spain with my BF for a short vacation, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ^_____^ I can't wait!!!!

Byebye for now ^^