maandag 29 november 2010

First snow of the winter, and some good old times


Today the very first snow of this year fell down. It looks so beautifull outside now. It is a cold white winter wonderland

That is the view on my backyard from my bedroom window. As you can see, some snow is still falling down.

Yes the snow is beautifull, but also very scary, I had to drive home through it, and the highway was covered in snow, so that was pretty dangerous.I just kind of hope that this winter will not be as bad as last years winter. It was sooo very cold then

Now for good old times:
Someone sended this picture to me. It is a picture of myself at some festival about 5 or 6 years ago.
I looked so different back then, with shorter black hair with pink extension (not very visible but they are there XD ) And I have such an extremely white face here, I used to use a lot of white face powder hehe XD.
You can see my best friend behind me with her awesome pink furry handcuffs in her hair ^^ She still is my best friend right now, though our styles both changed so much through the past few years. I can't wait to see her again this week when we go see the Mary poppins musical in Scheveningen ^___^

Byebye for now

maandag 15 november 2010

Just some picture spam


Last friday I went to the beach, there was a lot of wind. I love the wind, its so much fun when it blows through my hair ^^ Here is a picture, as you can see it was difficult to pose in the wind XD

And some more:

This one was taken in Rotterdam, on a sqaure with a lot of wigwam like cones made out of lights. They were very pretty ^^

Some time ago I went to a Japanese dance night called Deshima Sound in Den Haag together with my friend Linda. It was great, we danced a lot, and there were a lot of very nice people.
This is what I wore that night

And together with Linda

Hmm allright that's about it for now.


maandag 8 november 2010

Wow long time since I posted


I am sorry about neglecting my blog for some time! Welcome to my new readers ^^
I have been so very busy with sewing, work and lots of other fun things. I had to sew a lot for an event where I had a booth. The event was sooo much fun. There were so many wonderfull and beautifull people there.
I sold some pieces of clothing, which is always a great feeling. My friend Kimmy helped me in the booth, and she made a lovely little video of it. Please take a look, it is a tour through my booth, please enjoy

Today I found some funny template somewhere on the internet. There are 4 plain "dolls" with an age under each of them, age 10, 13, 16 and current self. And you are supposed to draw your clothing style for every age.
So I did it for fun, and here is the result XD

These realy were my styles when I was young, I actually still like the style I had when I was sixteen. I used to braid long black and pink curly hairextension into my own hair. It took me six hours to braid and hurted like hell, but it looked awesome ^^.
But I really love the Lolita style I wear a lot now.