maandag 2 april 2012

25 in Rome and some Italian Tatting


Hello there ^^

Its been a while again, I have been quite busy ^^. Last week I turned 25, I celebrated this with my Boyfriend in Rome ^^.
Rome is a beautiful city. But I found it extremely chaotic and busy. The older neighborhoods, with the small alleys and old buildings were all really  nice. We enjoyed the Travestere area a lot. But we didn't like the area near the Spanish steps, where all the high end fashion brands are located at all. It was very busy, with very small sidewalks and cars racing very close to the sidewalks. There was so much noise from the cars and the fumes were making me literary sick. I had toget out of there fast, because I did feel faint. So we went to a huge park called Villa Borghese. That was beautiful, nice and peacefull. We stayed there all afternoon. We even fell asleep in the grass ^^ 
My birthday was on Wednesday. That day we went to the Foro Romano and the Coloseum. It was a great birthday. My Bf gave me some very nice presents ^^. One of them was a butterfly charm for my Pandora bracelet, and a hand drawn birthday card ^^

I will post some pictures from Rome in a later post, I did not yet have the time to go through them. There are a lot XD


We found a small shop where they were selling wool and underwear XD, I still have no idea what kind of shop it was supposed to be, but anyway, we went in there because I wanted to look for some nice crochet cotton. Instead I found some tatting magazines ^^ 
I picked out two of them:

The patterns are very nice, and not even that hard to understand. I don't speak one word Italian, but with the help of google translate it is very easy to understand ^^
I started on a doily pattern, something easy just to see if it would work out with translating.

This is the result for now, far from finished. But I like it ^^


Alright, that was it for now.

Byebye ^^