vrijdag 19 augustus 2011



Long time no see ^^
I haven't been able to update recently because I moved and had to live without an internet connections for almost a month.
I also went on a very fun 10 day trip to Ireland with my Boyfriend right before we moved to our new apartment (Yep we are living together now ^_____^ <3 )
It has been a very hectic time, and it still is. We are still working on creating a nice place to live. It is awesome already, A beautiful 7 stores up three room apartment. You should see the sunsets from up here, our balcony is facing the north Sea where the sun sets over, its lovely. 
I have already set up a little sewing area for myself in the spare room which we call the green room (just because we painted the walls a minty green colour ^__^)

So now that I have an internet connection I hope I can get more active on this blog again. And also on my sales blog. I can't take any commissions yet, because I still have a small waiting list with costumers. 


A few weeks ago, I went to Castlefest, which is an anual Dutch Fantasy festival. It was great, I met up with some very good friends of mine.

Here are some pictures of me together with Charlie Chaplin ^___^

Isn't he awesome!!!! He is a great and very skilled actor called Cela. He is sooo very sweet, and he always looks awesome on this kind of events. He actually really takes on the character of Charlie Chaplin!

Hmm alright, diner time now.
I hope to make an somewhat bigger update soon ^__^

Byebye All