maandag 8 november 2010

Wow long time since I posted


I am sorry about neglecting my blog for some time! Welcome to my new readers ^^
I have been so very busy with sewing, work and lots of other fun things. I had to sew a lot for an event where I had a booth. The event was sooo much fun. There were so many wonderfull and beautifull people there.
I sold some pieces of clothing, which is always a great feeling. My friend Kimmy helped me in the booth, and she made a lovely little video of it. Please take a look, it is a tour through my booth, please enjoy

Today I found some funny template somewhere on the internet. There are 4 plain "dolls" with an age under each of them, age 10, 13, 16 and current self. And you are supposed to draw your clothing style for every age.
So I did it for fun, and here is the result XD

These realy were my styles when I was young, I actually still like the style I had when I was sixteen. I used to braid long black and pink curly hairextension into my own hair. It took me six hours to braid and hurted like hell, but it looked awesome ^^.
But I really love the Lolita style I wear a lot now.

3 Sweets:

Jacqueline zei

oooh, can I have a link to the blank meme? I promise to credit you :D

Karin zei

Sure, here you go,
But I didn't madr it myself, I just found it somewhere, so there is no need to credit me ^^

Kami No Pocky zei

Wow, nice dresses. The one at 1:22 reminded me of Orin's dress at first.