woensdag 7 juli 2010

Trip to Paris


Last week I visited paris for 5 days together with my friend Kim.
I am going to try to write a short report of those five days. Evereyday is a new entry.
Let's see, Day one June 30. This was the first day and we left from Rotterdam station at 11 oclock in the morning. We arrived in Paris around 2.30 in the afternoon. Which was an hour later then planned due to some delay.
We went to our hotel, and got settled in a bit. Then we went to the Baby the Stars Shine Bright shop. But first we stopped by the new Angelic Pretty shop. That shop wasn't very interresting and we left after a few minutes, hoping that it woud be more interresting on saturday, when the official opening was scheduled.
We shopped at the Baby shop for a while, it was SOOOO hot, I didn't feel like trying anything on because of the heat in that tiny shop. I did buy a few things though.
That is me in front of the Baby store, I am wearing a Baby Jsk but just as a sundress, it was to hot to dress up, so I wore this JSK with some light dusty pink Ballerina flats.
I bought this:

Back at the hotel we played a cardgame that we decided to Lolify a bit. The bet was candy and the cards were pink coffins with roses

We stayed at Hotel the Bordeaux, which is near the train station where the Thalys arrived. It was an old hotel, but it was okay, and the staff was very nice to.
Here are some pics from our Hotelroom
Sit area
The bed
Hurrrr we are messy :P
Door and balcony
So if you go to Paris, and you want a good but very cheap hotel, I would recommend this one.

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Angelic Baby Doll zei

Jeeeej ik kan commenten :P
Kij ik naar die foto van jou bij die deur van baby, zie ik een sticker op de deur waar op staat dat ik dus met mijn bankpas had kunnen pinnen >.< gehehe Lolz :P

We had fun, we where never bored ;)

Karin zei

Nee meis, je kan daar niet met je bank pas pinnen, dat heb ik toen geprobeerd maar het werkte niet, ze bedoelen daar mastercard creditcard en niet je bankpas

Ow ja en ik had wat instellen gewijzigd, dus vandaar dat comments t nu doen