woensdag 7 juli 2010

Paris Day 3 July 2nd


Today we went to Versailles. I have wanted to visit that place for years now, and it was great. It was also very very warm most of the day. But we had some rain and thunder at the end of the day (they were very welcome at that point)
We too the train to Versailles, and when we got there we stood in line for the tickets forquite some time. But it turned out we could go inside for free and didn't need to wait at all -_-;; Well good thing that we didn't have to pay though.
The outside of the palace was very impressive, so much gold and such a beautifull building.
That is what we saw when we approached the building. Beautifull, don't you think?
We visited all the chambers, there was so much to see. And every room was so gorgeous, the paintings, the decorations, the ceilings... well just visit it sometime, you"ll see what I mean *-_^*
This is part of a bedroom in Versailles
This is the back of the palace

After a nice lunch we visited the gardens. Unfortunatly, all the fountains were turned off, so we couldn't see the water spectacles that they advertised everywhere :(. But the gardens were still beautifull even without te fountains.
In the gardens next to a statue. I really wanted to wear Lolita that day, but, yeah it was simply to hot again, so I wore an AP skirt and an Baby tank top as a regular summer outfit.

We got some troubles on the way back. It appeared that for some reason there were no trains going back to Paris from the station near Versailles Chateau. And we had to walk to the next train station, which was about a 20 minutes walk(luckily we were not the only ones that had to go there, so we could follow the crowd) but, it started raining very hard, and there was a lot of wind and some thunder.
But we made it back to our hotel, and it cooled down a lot outside, which was very nice.
Also, the Dutch Soccer team won the match that afternoon, so Yaaay Holland!!!

Some goodies I bought in Versailles

That night we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for diner. I love that place. Kim and I both bought a little stuffed Bear. She got one with a hotpink mohawk and I got one with a Lavender blue mohawk to match my car.
Adorable, aren't they ^__^

We had a great diner and some lovely cocktails, and we could keep the cocktail glasses.
After that we went back to the hotel where we spend some time outside on our tiny balcony.

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