woensdag 7 juli 2010

Paris Day 4 July 3th


This day started with some heavy rain and a thunderstorm.
We planned to go shopping on this day. At first we had to buy some umbrella's.

Afer that we went to the Angelic Pretty shop to see if it was better this time. Unfortunatly, it didn't seem any better then last time we visited. The outside of the shop was a horrible red/brown color. They painted a ribbon and Angelic Pretty on the windows, and there was a beautifull dress displayed in the shop window. But inside the shop, there were only a few more dresses, and a whole lot of, well other clothes. I don't really know what style, but certainly not Lolita. So that was very dissapointing.

But then we went to the Baby shop again. During our last visit we heard that they would get some new stock in on friday, and Kim still needed a pair of socks. It was very crowded inside the shop and we had to wait outside for some time. When we were able to go insiode, I bought a beautifulle new skirt and a pair of socks. When I went to pay for my items, the nice man said I could choose between a normal pink Baby bag, or a black AATP bag. I choose the AATP bag, because I already have a few pink ones.
That is the skirt I bought. I love it!!

After that we went shopping at some other stores. I bought a cute black jacket at the H&M. It is perfect for my job. I also bough a top with a Chesire Cat print on it and a necklace.

Then we had diner at a Chinese restaurant. Chinese is just about my favourite food, I always love Chinese restaurants, but this one was disgusting. Not one of the dishes tasted good, Kim even got a bit sick from it. The only thing that tasted nice were the cucumber slices, but no body can mess up cucumber slices -_-;;.

After that little disaster, we went on a Paris by Night tour. That was beautifull. We went on a bus, and sat on the open top deck. It was a little chilly, but it was okay.
We visited all the hotspots again. And tis time the Eiffel tower was pretty to. it had so many lights, and when the bus stopped in front of it, a lot of lights started flickering, like stars. That was beautifull, but without it, the Eiffel tower is still a boring old piece of metal -_^

A weird looking picture I took from the bus. I have no idea what happened, but it looks funny XD

Also when we were waiting for the tour to start, we spotted this awesome pink limousine
One day, it will be my car XD

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Antique Monster zei

The AP store was upstairs and you should have asked for it ^^U I'm not sure if it was ready at your time.
But it was upstairs.