woensdag 7 juli 2010

Paris Day 2 July 1st


Second day of our trip. Today we did a cliché sightseeing tour. At first we went to see the Louvre. We saw the Mona Lisa, which is not all that impressive in real life :P But it was fun to see it once. We stayed there for a while, looking around, there was so much to see there.
Picture of the Louvre

A mirror shot of Kim and my self inside the Louvre

After the Louvre we had some lunch first, and after that we started looking for a touring boat called the BatoBus where you can buy a ticket and then you can hop on and hop off the boat as much as you want through the day. And it stops at all the hotspots at the Seine.
We couldn't find it at first and ended up walking all the way to Place de la Concorde, and finaly found the boat at the Grand Palais.
We got off the boat when we got to the Notre Dame. It is such a beautifull church, it was quite impressive to see it in real life. We went inside to, it was so beautifull in there. Offcourse we could't take any pictures inside, but I took a lot of the outside ^^
One of the many pictures I took of the Notre Dame

After the Notre Dame we went back on the boat, and got off at the Eiffel Tower. I didn't really like that building, it was so dark and boring, and it just seemed sad. But they sold some delicious Lemon icecream there.
We sat under the Eiffel Tower for a while, there was a lot of shade and it was o warm again, that we could use some shade and some rest because we had been walking for hours already.
Picture of the Eiffel Tower

After the Eiffel tower, we took the boat to ST-Germains des Prés, and after looking around there for a bit, we decided to take the Metro back to our hotel
This is a funny little painting I spotted on a wall in somewhere in ST-Germains des Prés.

We had a nice little MC Donalds diner and a lovely KitKat MCFlurry. After that we went to the hotel, and played some card games again.

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Anoniem zei

"We saw the Mona Lisa, which is not all that impressive in real life :P"

I was also in Paris some years ago, and when I saw the Mona Lisa, I wondered why it is so small, and I thought exactly the same as you xDD

Karin zei

Hehe, yeah it was kinda dissapointing to see it, but the rest of the Louvre is awesome