woensdag 21 juli 2010

About cars, dolls and dances


My car.
Unfortunatly, my cute little car died after all. I hoped that it was something that could be easily repaired, but the garage told me that it was better to buy a new one. It still drives, but it can't go faster then 40 km/H.

I am looking for a new car now, I already saw a few, and made a test drive in one, but that didn't go so well. Tomorow night I have a test drive in an Opel Corsa. It is quite a pretty car, dark green color, and looks very good. I am already planning to put hot pink flower shaped stickers all over it if I buy it.

Lolita Doll Meet
Last sunday I went to a doll/ Lolita meet. It was fun ^^ There were 10 Lolita girls, and 2 guys (they came with 2 of the girls) We met with a few at the Rotterdam central station, and walked to a small nearby park.
There we met the rest of the girls. We had a picknick. My sister made muffins which I decorated, but they didn't turn out very pretty. They tasted great though *-_^*
After the picknick 4 of us made a dance for a internet youtube contest. I particapated in the dance as well, it was so crazy, the dance was pretty embarrassing ^_^;; but we had so much fun while practising ^^
This was my outfit, it was pretty warm, so I didn't dress up to much. I am wearing a Angelic pretty skirt, SS socks, BL shoes, a H&M bolero and a t-shirt that I bought ages ago and I can't remember where XD. In this picture we where practising the dance.

These are the two dolls that I brought with me. The big boy is Nathaniƫl, an Elfdoll Red. And the tiny one is Mindy, she is a Fairyland Puki Pipi.

This picrture is also taken during the dance

And here I am just lying around in the grass

Around 4 o'clock we went to one girls house to sit in her garden for awhile. I was picked up there by my parents.
That night I eat some delicious Chinese food. I love Chinese, and this diner made me forget all about the Paris Chinese diner disaster.

Allright, time to go, I hope my next post will be about a new car ^^

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