zondag 1 augustus 2010

My grandfathers party


Last night I celebrated my grandfathers 90th birthday. We had a big family party. There were lots of relatives, and I didn't really know any of them XD. Most of them were already rather old to. It was fun though. Most of them seemed to know who I was, they have seen me when I was little, and my grandmother told them about my sewing hobby.The old ladies were very interrested in that ^^.
We had a nice diner in a beautifull restaurant. It was in the middle of a park right next to a big lake. The room where we were sitting had a vieuw on the lake, which was very nice.
One of the gentlemen who were attending told us a story about how he met my grandfather, he wasn't a relative, but grandfather lived and worked with his family during the world war 2 when the Germans came to our country. My grandfather had to hide from the Germans, and this gentlemen's family helped him out. It was a very interresting story, even my mother (it was her fathers birthday) never heard that story in so many details before.

For this party I wanted to wear Lolita, but I didn't want to freak anyone out there, so I decided to go for a more toned down Lolita inspired look.
Here is a picture of my outfit (sorry for anther mirror shot, I was running a little late)
Skirt: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: H&M
Shoes: Local shoe store called Shoe outlet (they sell cute but cheap shoes XD)
I did my hair up, but it is not very visible in the pictures. I hope the party photographer (my niece :P) made a few pictures of me with the hair more visible. (I was actually quite proud of it XD)

The party was great, it was fun seeing and meeting all these people.

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I like yur outfit, especially with those shoes ^^ Makes it more classy