maandag 16 augustus 2010

Summer Darkness and other things


This weekend there was another event in my country, this time in Utrecht. Summer Darkness. It started on Friday and ended on Sunday. I only went there on Sunday to participate in the Lolita fashion show. I could not stay longer either because I was invited to my friends birthday party.
The show was fun, and everybody looked gorgeous! There were so many people watching the show, it was almost scary, but not as scary as an unexpected show I did a few years ago on a very busy festival. That was fun to, but completely unplanned and unprepared. And we had only two models, me and my best friend ^^. So the show this Sunday was a lot easier then that.
Here are some pics of me:
First a mirror shot early in the morning before I left

And one on the catwalk, taken by Lady Ludivine
You can see my hair in this shot. I always said that I wouldn't buy a wig. But I decided a while ago to buy a half wig after all, because I really like curls, but my own hair is impossible to curl, every time I try it, it dies within an hour. This half wig is great, the quality is awesome, and it saves sooo much time O.o .

Birthdays and crafts

As I already said, I had to go to a birthday party after the fashion show. The gift I bought for her was packed in a very boring white box. So I wanted it to look nicer. Then I remembered that I still had a book on ribbon work and a lot of ribbons lying around. I never tried it before, so I gave it a shot.
This is the result after I put it on the gift.

I kinda liked it, for a first try XD

On saturday I had another birthday, and I made some other flowers that I couldn't use on the first gift, so I used them on the gift for my other friend.
This is the result with the left over flowers

It is a lot of fun to do, and I am going to practice it some more when I have more extra time to spare.

Allright, lunchtime now, and then I have to go to my work.
So, Bye for now

2 Sweets:

The Star of Paris zei

Beautiful picture of you at the fashion show ^^ What a wonderful name for the festival o.o And those ribbon roses--my goodness! :O Your first time and they look great! When you first mentioned them on Facebook, it made me think to try it out myself, as the book has been sitting there on my shelf for years >.>

Karin zei

Aw thank you ^^
You should really try it, it is so much fun to do