zondag 29 augustus 2010

Some sunday sewing and new Boots!!


Today I had to do some sewing, and I finished a offwhite classic Lolita blouse. I also started on a classic Lolita skirt, I will post pictures off it when it is finished.
This is the blouse, it is a pretty simple design, not to much lace and ruffles.
(please ignore the petticoat, it's ugly but very usefull when I sew skirts)

And a close up of some details.

For some reason I have been really cold the past few days, even though it is summer in my country. It isn't very warm outside, but it's ridiculous that I am this cold. I sleep with extra blankets and big fat fuzzy wintersocks :S
Anyway, this is what I wore today. A warm knit top, skirt, thighs and another pair of fuzzy warm winter socks ( I love this type of socks XD)
Hmm I wonder why the color of my sweater changed so much in the picture, it is pretty much the same color as my skirt IRL :\

I got some awesome boots for this winter!! They are perfect for a winter Lolita co├Ârdinate, but also to just wear with a pair of skinny jeans or a legging.
So these are me new babies, adorable aren't they *^___^*

Worn with my skirt

Yes, I am going to have so much fun with these boots, I can't wait for a very cold winter ^^

Bye for now

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Niesje7002 zei

Die schoenen zijn echt leuk. Leuke outfit, wel gek ja, dat de kleur van je shirt zo is veranderd.

Blouse ziet er ook goed uit. Hou wel van simpel. ^^