dinsdag 22 juni 2010

Another Scrapblog and other stuff

I really love this site, I am not very good at scrapbooking yet (not at all XD) But it is just a fun thing to do when I am bored.
This time I made a scrapblog with pictures from my older handmade Lolita collections. I tried to make a different theme for each page (gothic, classic sweet etc)

Just one more week, and then I start packing my suitcase and go on a five day shopping/ sightseeing trip to Paris. I leave on Wednesday, but I start packing somewhere on tuesday night.
I visit Paris for the second time, this time together with my friend Kim. We already planned out the whole trip. WE leave wednesday morning with the Thalys train, and when we arrive we go to the Baby shop and to the AP shop. (We are not sure yet what to expect of the AP shop, because the real opening is a few days later, but we might go to the opening party, if we have enough time)
We stay in a very simple old hotel, but it is a good hotel, Kim's relatives have been to the same hotel last May, and they realy enjoyed their stay there.
Besides spending this months paycheck on Lolita, we will also go on sightseeing trips. There is one day planned to Versailles, also a day where we will visit all those must-see places of Paris (very cliché, but a lot of fun XD )
I wish I could make daily updates here with pictures and everything about the trip, but I don't have an internet connection there, and even if I had, my laptop is old and slow, and photoshop doesn't work on it.
But when I return I will write a full report with pictures here.

I have been working on a few commissions again.
This one is finished and received by the buyer
It is a replica fof a F+F skirt, but I am not sure if it was done by another brand as well.

And I am working on this one
But it is not at all finished yet, because I have to edit a few things about it.

To finish this entry, I post a picture of my cat, isn't he adorable?
Poor thing was attacked by seaghouls this morning, he was so scared. I heard all this noise early in the morning ouside my bedroom window, and I saw my cat pressed against the wall, and these stupid birds flying around him. I scared them away, and let my cat inside the house. (he always spends the nights outside)He was a little scared still, whit a big fat angry cat tail, but he calmed down as soon as he got his breakfast XD

Okay that's enough now, I am tired to XD
Byebye for now ^^