maandag 9 mei 2011

Spring shopping and a fun day in Lolita, and a little ranting


Hello All ^^

Last week I went on a bit of an adventure with my Boyfriend and a friend of his. This friend is a member of an official licensed shooting club. He invited us for a introduction day. It was a lot of fun, though I still think shooting is scary.  It was completely save though, and fun to try out some time. My BF took some pictures of me, since I was wearing Sweet Loli, it made a nice contrast with the rest of the place XD.
I was doubting about posting pictures, because it could be intimidating for some, but I shopped the picture with a cutesy pink heart, so I think it should be okay. 
Remember that this picture was taken in a licensed club, under the supervision of professionals.


It was so much fun, haha, the owners of the club were very nice, and complimented me on my outfit.


I finally got to do some spring shopping last week.
Here is the result, I still need to find some more cute skirts that I can wear at work though:

Maxi skirt from Pimkies
Some cute t-shirts, two from C&A and the cake one is also from Pimkies

Some nail art stickers ^^

I also had my nails done this morning:

I can never do anything to elaborate because of work, but I still like it ^^.


My car,

Yeah, I almost bought a new one, not second had, completely new. Why? Because the one I have now exploded two weeks ago. It was scary, I parked my car, turned it off, I wanted to call the garage, because the car's temperature was waaaay to high. After I turned it off, it just went BOOM. There was so much smoke coming from te front, and lots of water was flowing away from under my car.
Luckily it looked more serious then it was. The garage could fix it, so I didn't need to buy a new one.
But I am pretty pissed off at the people that sold this car to me last year. A month after I bought it, I went back to them, because I thought the temperature was getting to high, they told me back then that it was all okay. As long as the temperature didn't go into the red zone, it was fine.
The ANWB (dutch emergency service) told me that what those guys told me was utter bullshit, and they should have fixed it back then. It would have saved me about 300 Euro, Grrrrrr. But I can't do anything about it now unfortunately. 
I am glad I got my car back though, and that the problem is fixed. 
I hope I can drive it safely for a few years now.

Okaaay that would be enough ranting XD.

Time for work.


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Kami No Pocky zei

I like your shoes.

Shame about the car though.